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Business Owners

Successful businesses continually adapt and evolve. Each business owner strives for growth, fresh clientele, and innovation. After years of relentless dedication, you may start contemplating the future trajectory of your business.

Our team thrives on equipping industrious business owners with pertinent guidance and knowledge. We provide financial and tax strategies, along with a plan to transition the business to a successor, facilitating a smooth transition into retirement. We ensure you have a contingency plan in place in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Our clients gain access to an extensive network of professionals to aid in successfully realizing both their business and personal objectives.

Synchronizing Business and Personal Finances and Investments

Succession Planning

Recognizing that every situation is unique, we at Cornerstone adhere to a meticulously planned process for succession planning. This process includes bringing together all of the business owner’s advisors to discuss the following key points.

Pre-Sale Planning: Business advisory and outlining crucial steps to prepare your business for sale. We assemble all your advisors to ensure a coordinated approach..

Exit Strategies: Formulating strategies for your liquidity event, business exit, and succession planning.

Tax Efficient Portfolios: Customized to meet your specific wealth objectives, risk tolerance, and future aspirations.

Employee Benefits

At Cornerstone Financial Services Group, At we serve as a supportive guide in your journey, allowing you to concentrate on your employees and their welfare. Our approach involves relieving you, the employer, of the burden by stepping in to assist your employees.
We will navigate you through everything from regulatory compliance and budgeting to strategic planning, whilst we help your employees comprehend the value of their benefits and use their programs judiciously. We aim for them to recognize that they possess more than just insurance; they have excellent medical, ancillary, and retirement plan benefits.

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