Your Retirement May Be At Risk

Two retirees playing chess.

In some ways, climbing the career ladder and growing your nest egg is relatively easy. You always have another paycheck to fix your previous mistakes, you have much more control over your financial life, and time is on your side. On the other hand, retirement is a minefield of risks, some of which are entirely […]

Should I Maximize My IRA Contributions?

Prospects meeting financial advisor

Do you have an IRA? If so, you have an excellent opportunity to create tax-deductible contributions that, combined with tax-deferred earnings, can provide exponential growth over the decades. So, now you’re likely asking yourself: “Should I Maximize My IRA Contributions?”. Yes, no, maybe – like everything with investing – it depends. But don’t worry; we’re […]

How to Pay Taxes On A Roth Conversion

The Roth is loved by investors and financial advisors alike, and for good reason. The benefits the Roth offers are hard to ignore, so it’s no wonder many Americans would like to convert their savings to Roth and get on the tax-free retirement path. But how will you pay the tax bill you could incur […]

Should I Convert to Roth?

Thinking of your retirement often brings to mind joyful days with grandchildren, the pursuit of long-held hobbies, and perhaps some well-deserved travel. But among these pleasant thoughts, there may be a less welcome guest: the prospect of handing over a substantial portion of your savings to Uncle Sam—possibly as much as 37%! After years of […]

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