The initial consultation is completely free of charge! It’s an opportunity for us to understand each other and determine the potential for a beneficial partnership. No strings attached.
Being a Fiduciary Financial Advisor means being legally bound to prioritize the client’s best interests over our own. Fiduciary Advisors are barred from making transactions that would knowingly negatively impact their clients, plus they must avoid any conflicts of interest.
Obligation to the fiduciary standard will vary depending on your financial professional’s licensing and services provided. Please consult with your specific financial professional regarding their specific licensing and fiduciary requirements.
With larger firms, you risk becoming just another number in their sales forecast. At Cornerstone Financial Services Group, you matter as an individual. We offer personalized plans instead of generic ones, considering the unique aspects of you and your family – your interests, goals, aspirations, and dreams. We believe in nurturing not just financial growth but also meaningful, lasting relationships with our clients.
Well, you may not NEED an advisor, much like you may not NEED a personal trainer or a dietitian. However, having one undoubtedly makes the journey to retirement smoother. You’re busy living your life – let us handle the financial strategies. We bring education, experience, dedication, and insight to the table so you can spend your free time how you please, not trying to figure out complicated withdrawal strategies or how to rebalance your portfolio. In an ever-changing world, it’s valuable to have a knowledgeable advisor at your side to help you make the best financial decisions.
We cater to clients from diverse backgrounds. Why not book a meeting today and find out if we’re a great match?
Whatever’s convenient for you! We can meet on Zoom, have a chat on the phone, or meet in person at our office.

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